Board of Directors


Meet Our Scrappy, Intrepid Board Members

Co-Presidents - Jim Bernard and Mary Scott Senan

Jim has been a part of the lacrosse community in Seattle for 8 years.  You have seen Jim cheering from sidelines for his two boys, as well as every member of the teams they have played with.  Jim has been a youth coach, a parent helper and now board member for the Ballard Boys Lacrosse program.  If Jim is not on the sidelines of a lacrosse game cheering, he is secretly wishing he was at a lacrosse game cheering.  Otherwise, he is paddle boarding, hiking, finding the next home project, or simply enjoying a glass of wine with his wife and close friends.

Mary Scott has been serving as a volunteer for youth lacrosse since 2010. She is a big fan of youth sports, especially lacrosse. When she isn't on the sidelines cheering, you may find her reading, skiing, playing golf or napping on the sofa.

Secretary - Katherine Cordick

Katherine has been an avid lacrosse fan for the past 9 years & loves nothing more than watching our boys play (and learning more about the game!) Besides lacrosse, she enjoys watching competitive swimming & has spent many years volunteering on the pool deck.  Away from sports, she fills her free time reading, skiing, boating, traveling, & spending time with friends & family.    This is her 2nd year on the Ballard Lacrosse Board and it has been such a fun & enjoyable group to be a part of.  Looking forward to our upcoming season - GO BEAVERS!!!!

Financial Officer - George Brewster

George has been very active in Seattle Youth Lacrosse for the last 12 years (save for 2 when his family was in Spain). He helped create the Magnolia United Wee Tykes Program that introduced the game to parents and kids in Kindergarten through second grade so they could play youth lacrosse with some experience. He coached and served on the board of Magnolia United / Props Lacrosse. He also was the assistant varsity coach at Lakeside School for two seasons. He grew up back East and played at Connecticut College a very long time ago now. He loves the game and is thrilled to help out on the Board however he can so others can learn and love the game as he does.

Fundraising - Holly Bieniawski

Holly has been involved in the magnificent sport of lacrosse in one way or another since her son Hugo started playing for the Magnolia Props in 3rd grade. She loves cheering on the team, and especially appreciates the camaraderie of the players, coaches and parents, on and off the field. When she is not baking or skiing or eating aged cheddar or leading a group of Girl Scouts or reading or searching for vintage cocktail glasses at Goodwill, Holly is dreaming up new ways to engage and support our Big Beloved Ballard lacrosse family! This is her second year fundraising for the team. Go Beavers!!

Equipment Manager - Chris Lavin

Chris has been active with Lacrosse in Seattle for 20 years. He has played in the Men's League and coached the Props, recently he got his refereeing certification. This is his second year on the Ballard Lacrosse Board and excited to contribute where he can.

Field Manager - Jamie Willis

Jamie has been active with Lacrosse in Seattle for the last 6 years helping out with coaches in the Props program where his son, Owen, learned the game. This is his first year on the Ballard Lacrosse Board and excited to contribute where he can. He has been involved in coaching & supporting hockey, baseball, soccer, softball & lacrosse with his 2 children in the past and is happiest at one of those venues watching his and others play and learn the games. Away from the fields & rinks you can find him hiking, kayaking, spending time with his family, at music concerts or playing Adult League Hockey